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Field Trips inspire adventure and learning

Do you remember school outings? A whole day of adventure and excitement punctuated by fizzy pop and singing songs on the bus.

You got to see the world a little differently and study the subject experientially, no dry textbooks, or chalk and talk for a whole day. Instead it was dirt under the fingernails, scraped knees and swapping lunch with a friend. You couldn’t fail to learn because it was fun and because you explored with others who challenged your thinking, who saw different answers and possibilities.

We created Field Trips to bring back that way of learning and take you from desk to discovery with our online adventures.

Who is it for?

In need of adventure? Would you like to spark some energy and learn new things? 

Field Trips deliver bite sized, uplifting and transformative online workshops, creating the opportunity to step away from your normal environment and dive into new experiences. Held regularly throughout the year, each Trip has its own theme and brings together a great mix of people, speakers and activities. Running between 45-60 minutes, you’ll enjoy interactive workshops led by expert guides and facilitators.