Create Your Own Adventure

Sarah and dog map readingRemember those books you read as a child where you could decide at the end of each chapter which path to take and depending on your choice you then turned to a different part of the book and continued on your journey?

Well, our bespoke virtual Field Trips are a little bit like that. We create for you an interesting journey that takes your team to new places.

Working closely with us you pick the theme and decide what the objectives are for your Field Trip. You can decide how long you want it to be and where you’d like the team to journey to. Then we create a route map, curate content and collaborate with brilliant facilitators and expert speakers to bring your vision to life.

Think creatively, think differently – what would you love to explore as a team? Maybe it’s a day to explore a situation or strategic challenge, maybe it’s a day adventuring into leadership, your own wellbeing or into nature. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to take yourselves into space, around the world, to resilience, to ‘the top’ or as our next open Field Trip is themed to ‘the edge’.

JB on bikeYour Field Trip can take pretty much any form you like. For instance, it might take people outdoors for sections before coming back together to reflect on what they experienced or share the answers to a treasure hunt. You might like an opportunity for people to enjoy lunch and socialise together during the day. We can add quirky extras to the day such as a packed lunch, tuck shop sweets, fridge magnets or other ‘gift shop’ goodies all delivered to your participants doors.

Perhaps you’d like an inspirational speaker or some interactive workshopping to happen.

Whatever your vision is for an interesting, fun, connected day we can deliver that for you. Just because we’re working apart from each other right now doesn’t mean that you can’t be together having an adventure as a team.

Our Field Trips get people thinking and talking and create unique shared experiences in a virtual world.

Don’t let 2020 be the year everyone in your team separated, bring your people together for a Field Trip. Contact us via to arrange a conversation.