Who We Are

Project Gingero is a collaboration between Jon Bartlett of Project Libero and Sarah Rudder of Ginger Dog Development.  Having met on a train in 2014 these two have been firm friends ever since, sharing a love of the outdoors, adventure and learning.

Jon Bartlett

Jon BartlettPeople often ask Jon what it was like stood on the floor of Mission Control in Houston. His answer? Pretty similar to Line Control in Euston or being up a mountain. Interesting places, seeing fun things with the potential for it all to go wrong pretty quickly.

Having worked for a variety of operational businesses Jon knows that the technology should always be secondary to the human but he’s also aware that we forget that. His own experience of living and working with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder seems to be of interest to people currently but again it just comes back to being human.

For him the best moments are when people say “This is going to sound crazy but….” – that’s when the good stuff happens.

Sarah Rudder

Sarah RudderAn adventurer in life and learning Sarah is more likely to be found riding a motorbike, working on her camper van project or long-distance hiking with her dog Juno than sitting on her sofa. She’s as passionate about learning new things and stretching her own comfort zone as she is about supporting others to do this.

A specialist in developing mental toughness she loves a challenge and is fascinated by self-sabotage, the stories we tell ourselves and how we handle fear and failure.  She’s been working with people for over 20 years, bringing backbone and heart, every day.