Journey is a really different wellbeing experience for 2021. Brought to you by the Field Trip team, we combine our love of nature and the outdoors with our skill and experience as coaches and facilitators plus our specialisms in developing wellbeing and mental health in organisations.

Wellbeing is not something that you do once, it is an ongoing practice. It might almost be better to think of it as “Welldoing”. Journey keeps you on track and guides you through a series of activities, reflections and creative undertakings to develop and maintain your sense of being well in mind, body and spirit throughout the year ahead.

Journey with Us – Twelve Week Journey – Starts January 21st

We had planned to run a twelve month programme to support the journal but because 2021 is staring with greater restrictions we’ve created a special offer to get you through these dark winter months with our twelve week Journey programme.

This programme brings together everything we know works for ourselves and others in staying mentally fit, emotionally healthy, resourceful and resilient. We draw on principles, tools and techniques from Thinking Environment, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mental Toughness and Personality models.

You will discover just how brilliant you can be, how you can manage your own emotions and thinking processes to reduce anxiety and overcome fear.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Develop greater self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Create deeper resourcefulness and resilience
  • Reduce anxiety and fear
  • Build confidence
  • Keep on track with your focus on wellbeing
  • Create a toolkit for overcoming adversity and facing challenges
  • Join a community of like-minded travellers and share the experience
  • Look forward to a warm gathering each week in the dark winter months
  • Find a space where you can reflect, think and grow in your own way
  • Work with experts in the fields of personal development, wellbeing and resilience

Join the clan

We gather each week to explore a different waypoint in the journal. This interactive and thought-provoking session will take us deeper into the topic. You’ll be guided by Sarah and Jon to develop new skills whilst building your self-knowledge and awareness. These 90 minute virtual gatherings are held on Zoom.

We want this to be accessible for everyone so we’re offering our first Journey of 2021 at the same price as a gym class. That’s £10 each week to create, support and maintain your emotional health, resilience and resourcefulness.


What’s included in your membership?

The journal packed with inspiration and ideas for creating greater wellbeing.

Access to live Waypoint gatherings each week hosted by Sarah and Jon and packed with great content, learning and tools for greater wellbeing, resilience and resourcefulness. These start on January 21st at 7.45pm and continue each Thursday evening.

Priority access to other Field Trip events throughout the year

Buy the journal

Journey open pageIf you can’t join us on the programme you can buy the journal from Amazon and work through Journey at your own pace, completing the activities and reflections as you go. It’s a beautiful, creative, thought provoking experience which will leave you feeling grounded and resourceful with greater self-awareness and clarity. Why not encourage your friends and family to buy the journal and Journey with you? You could use each other as a support network as you explore the pages.