Remember the excitement you felt as a child the night before a school trip and the pure, wonderful, exhaustion you felt when you returned home? This is how I felt attending Project Gingero’s Field Trip!  Each session provided an opportunity to engage with others to experience something new and inspiring. I really valued the diversity of the sessions – an opportunity to take a trip to the part of me that I hide from the world and accept how it can make me stronger, to a conversation with a group of people that explored what kindness means to us all – the differences were surprising and insightful.  I can’t wait for the next one and I encourage you to free up your day, free up your mind and immerse yourself in a Project Gingero Field Trip! – Toni Addinal

Fantastic field-trip of learning, great idea and big thank Sarah and Jon for arranging. Loved the variation of presenters and choice of topics that were absolutely relevant for today’s world. Can’t wait for the next field-trip. – Barry Dow

A big thanks to Sarah Rudder and Jon Bartlett for their Field Trip, bringing together a collection of sessions to explore kindness. Thought provoking, informative and inspiring. A perfect end to Mental Health Awareness week. Looking forward to the next field trip. – Kerry Dobney